Doceo et Praecipio   ( Inform and Advise ) 

Health Insurance

IMPORTANT:  Health insurance can take a few days to arrange. 

     Please do not leave this until the last minute before applying for your residence permit.  Allow at least 7 working days. 

If you are planning to come to Germany, or already here, you will need health                  insurance – it is a legal requirement for all residents.

           Germany has 2 categories of health insurance – Public (Statutory) - Gesetzliche                           Krankenversicherung (GKV) and Private - Privat Krankenversicherung (PKV)
           Which category will apply to you depends generally on your employment status.  
            If you are employed with an employment contract - normally Public  
                     If you are self-employed (Freelance), unemployed or studying - normally Private     
           There are exceptions.   Contact us and we will advise which is appropriate for you and 
            if any exceptions may apply to you.
           Non-EU citizens will also need to get a residence permit and must have acceptable                        appropriate health insurance –  See: Visa and Permits.  We have first-hand experience of              living and working in Germany and a wealth of knowledge about the complex German health            insurance regulations with which you must comply.


          We will advise you on the correct cover needed for residency.  Our advice is free and                        all Health Insurance plans cost the same whether you choose to use us, another                              broker or the Health Insurance Company direct. 

      Brokers are able to give you advice on a selection of providers and products.             Insurance Companies can only give information on their own products

            Whether you are in Germany taking up full employment, seeking employment or venturing                on your own as self-employed (freelance) - artist, student, au pair etc., we have access to                the whole spectrum of appropriate plans.  We will guide you through the process of                        applying for your health insurance cover and help you determine what minimum cover you                must have in Germany and what additional cover may be available. 

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